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Marriage benefits men more than it does women. Married men are happier and healthier than their unmarried counterparts, their careers also benefit, and married men are more likely than unmarried men to be in the top 1% of earners.

On the other hand, women’s health doesn’t improve significally with marriage. In fact, women’s health is much more tied to the quality of the marriage. While even bad marriages seem to benefit men, women’s health suffers a bigger impact than men’s if the marriage is bad.

To top it all off, nearly 70% of all divorces

Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

What makes some people successful in short order, while others struggle to meet the heights they dream about? It’s something I wonder as I walk my own entrepreneurial journey. I often ponder on the question first posed by Peter Thiel and repeated by countless other writers, entrepreneurs, and personal development gurus:

“How can you achieve your 10-year goal in 6 months?”

It all boils down to one thing.


The better and faster your results, the faster your progress. The thing is, the way that most of us work right now is a testament…

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